What Does Abridge Mean

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Synonymous with abbreviate, condense and cut short, abridge comes from the Latin word abreviare, which means "to shorten." Although it’s usually used in reference to wordy texts, one can also abridge or shorten a piece of clothing; a miniskirt is just an abridged version of the old floor length hoop skirt, for example.

Abridge Meaning This does not mean to say that newspapers are beyond criticism. While the constitution prohibits government from making laws that abridge freedom of the press, might government make laws that have.

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Abridged definition, to shorten by omissions while retaining the basic contents: to abridge a reference book. See more.

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shorten, curtail, abbreviate, abridge, retrench mean to reduce in extent. shorten implies reduction in length or duration. shorten a speech curtail adds an implication of cutting that in some way deprives of completeness or adequacy.

Define abridge. abridge synonyms, abridge pronunciation, abridge translation, English dictionary definition of abridge. to reduce or condense, such as a summary of a report or article: abridge a book; to lessen the duration or scope of; to curtail: abridge a person’s freedom.

In a generic sense the term "abridge" means to cut short. For example, to make an abridged copy of a book means to reduce the number of words in a book without affecting the quality or substance of the book.

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Abridge definition is – to shorten by omission of words without sacrifice of sense : condense. How to use abridge in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of abridge.

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